Does your dog exhibit behavioral issues that are very challenging to deal with in everyday life?

Does your busy schedule make it almost impossible to put in the necessary time and repetitions to work with your dog and help them overcome behavioral issues?

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to overcome your dog’s behavioral issues to only find yourself frustrated and confused?

Do you have a dog that would benefit from staying at a beautiful Ranch in Nature that is dedicated to optimizing your dog’s behavior where they are treated by professional dog trainers as a member of the family?

Whether your dog has minor issues such as pulling on leash, jumping, excessive barking, not listening or more serious issues like anxiety, fear, reactivity to dogs, or objects, we are here to help you accomplish the same amazing, life-lasting results we have been achieving for over a decade!

Below are some of the common behavior problems we deal with. We’ve helped people who are dealing with just one behavior problem all the way through helping people with many different behavior problems.



After over a decade of rehabilitating dogs and training people, Steve Del Savio (Owner & Founder) realized the most optimal time for a dogs stay to be a minimum of 4 – 8 weeks given how long it can take to break bad habits and imprint healthy ones as well as how much time the human needs to not only grasp the information but also how to apply it hands-on with their individual dog.


No two dogs are the same which is why we will customize a plan based on your dog’s specific behavioral issues, their individual traits and your energy paired with the individual goals for you and your dog.

Energy is everything in the way a dog sees the world. They have a specific energy and you yourself have a specific energy as well. Those energies are in a relationship with one another.

Everything we do will be based on your energy and your dog’s energy.
The laws, principles, tools and techniques of Dog Psychology are applied to all cases, however, HOW we apply them is dependent on your energy and your dog’s energy.

We address all forms of behavior problems such as:

  • Difficulty calming down
  • Reactivity to dogs
  • Hyper/Over-excited
  • Crate training
  • Excessive barking
  • House breaking 
  • Fearful, nervous, unsure
  • Leash reactivity
  • Leash pulling
  • Not coming when called
  • Jumping (people/furniture)
  • Excessive barking
  • Easily excitable 
  • Counter surfing
  • Chewing on objects

Trust, Respect and Love 

Energy is the most important thing there is in the animal world. We make sure that when your dog is in our care, we are ALWAYS working on creating trust, respect and love to the fullest with your dog and then showing you how to achieve the same.

Calm and Respectful Behavior in the Home

The Maddie Ranch features a 5000+ square foot home where we practice teaching your dog how
to behave inside a home as opposed to learning in a warehouse or yard that doesn’t translate to
a home environment.

Leash Walking
Loose leash walking with dog at your side in a calm state of mind in a follower mindset, listening
to your direction.

Crate Training
Ability to relax and be respectful in a crate or kennel

Learning to go to bathroom outdoors and NOT indoors.

Place/Bed Command
Staying on a dog bed or mat on command. This can be used inside the home, at the park, a
restaurant or anywhere you’d like your dog to stay on a bed or mat.

Bike Riding, Rollerblading
Exposure to higher intensity structured exercise options. We are very careful about the physical
development of dogs and take great care during higher intensity structured exercise This option
is individual dog dependent. Provides more options to exercise higher energy dogs.

Treadmill Training
Learning how to walk on a treadmill. Great option when weather or time become an issue but
still need to exercise your dog. Walking on a treadmill is also great for mental focus.

Obedience and Overall Good Manners
Basic obedience commands

Socialization with Balanced Dogs
Socialization done the right way! There is no better teacher for a dog than other balanced adult
dogs. Your dog will spend the entire time being socialized around well-behaved adult dog role
models learning how to properly interact with other dogs.

Positive Interactions & Exposure with People
Your dog will be staying with professional Dog Trainers and Handlers who are experts in Dog
Psychology. We will expose your dog to as many positive interactions with people as we possibly
can during their stay with us.

Weekly Training Session(s) during Behavior Optimization Stay We feel it’s very important to include the owners in the process and train YOU in understanding Dog Psychology and your individual dog while going over any questions you may have so you know exactly what you need to do with your dog at any moment.

60-90 Minute Go-Home Session
During the Go-Home session, we will do a full review of what we accomplished in the program,
work hands-on with you and your dog and answer any questions you may have about bringing
your dog home for it’s new balanced life!

Follow-Up Session 2 Weeks After Program
We find it very beneficial to do a follow-up session to see how things are going, work on
anything we need to improve and answer any questions that may come up after bringing your
puppy home for a few weeks.


Rehabilitate (verb): restore to a former state.
Train (verb): to teach so as to make fit, qualified, or proficient.

Why is it that so many board and train style programs produce below average to poor results? What tends to happen is dog owners send their dogs away to be “trained” by dog trainers to fix behavioral problems. These board and trains are usually for a duration of 1-3 weeks that
focus on obedience. At the end of the board and train, the owner comes for a crash course go-home session that lasts about 1 hour.

The problem with this approach is that the idea is the dog is the one who needs training, however, we believe that the HUMAN is the one who needs the training on what to do and how to be a great leader for their dog. The dog is in need of rehabilitation, which is restoring his/her mindset to who they were when they were born, BEFORE humans created imbalance in them by not understanding Dog Psychology and in turn not understanding what to do to achieve a balanced relationship with a dog.

So, what makes our program Behavior Optimization Retreat different than everybody else?


Here at Pack Leader Dogs by the Maddie Ranch, we understand how important it is for YOU to be included in the process of rehabilitating your dog. Dogs learn by associations which is why it is critical for you to be associated with your dog’s rehabilitation.

What does that mean exactly? During your dog’s stay with us, we will do trainings with YOU and your dog WEEKLY, not just a go-home. During these trainings, we will understand why your dog was behaving the way it was, what changes we need to make moving forward, educate you about the Psychology of a Dog, work hands-on in real world scenarios, show you all the tools and techniques you will need and finally give a blue print for success when taking your dog home for its new balanced life with you!

On top of that, we are in communication with you on a daily basis for the duration of your dog’s Behavior Optimization Retreat at the Maddie Ranch.


We’ve found that to ensure the highest success rate possible, we bring your dog 95% of the way through the rehabilitation process and then work with you step by step to complete the last 5%. As you now know, we require private training sessions once a week throughout your dog’s stay with us where you the owner are included in the rehabilitation process finishing with an elaborate go-home session.

We’ve found that this provides owners with a clear understanding of what the dog has learned, is learning, their progress and how to reinforce the dog’s new balanced behavior through consistency and structure. By doing this it lets the dog associate it’s owner with its new structured and balanced lifestyle before heading home.

Once you leave the Maddie Ranch, the Transition Period begins which is usually about 90 days. This is the 5% we are talking about which is you applying everything you and your dog have learned in YOUR home. During this time, you will be learning to overcome the habits of your old relationship with your dog and replacing them with the new and improved habits you and your dog have learned during their stay with us.
We are here to support you throughout this process and will continue to do so after the TransitionPeriod has ended.


Our Behavior Optimization Retreat comes with a support guarantee for the life of the dog. We want our dogs and families to be happy and successful throughout the lifetime of their dog.
That means we’re available to assist you by phone, text or email with advice when needed. If you need to see us again, you can schedule a visit at our location and work on anything you
may not have clearly understood or may still be having some issues with. Truthfully, our training works so well that our clients very rarely require support but we are always here to support our clients in achieving their goals with their dog.

Our program is unlike any other program available because we focus on bringing your dog’s state of mind back to balance FIRST through Dog Psychology, then teach your dog obedience through Dog Training and finally include you along the entire process. We consistently provide outstanding REAL-WORLD results time and time again.

We‘ve had so many life changing success stories and have gained so many amazing relationships with our clients over the past 10+ years. We’d love to have you join our pack and become our next success story! Are you ready for the life you’ve always dreamed of with your dog?!

What our customers are saying…

“My suggestion would be to not even waste anymore time reading this review and call Steve right now! I honestly do not know where we would be today if we did not find Pack Leader Dogs. Steve has transformed our dog into the balanced, happy, and confident companion I always knew he could be. These guys are absolutely the best in the area for any of your dogs needs.”

— Katie D. & Ninja

“My dog Marley and I had our first session with Steve this week. I only wish I had met him 2 years ago! I have tried and failed obedience classes, dog walkers and trainers in the past. Right away I could tell this training session was going to be different. He was experienced, direct and calm. Instead of lunging at other dogs he was able to sit calmly around them. I was amazed. Would HIGHLY recommend!”
— Rachel M. & Marley