Are you planning on getting a puppy or already have a puppy and looking for the best possible way to get your puppy off to an amazing start in life?!

Here at The Maddie Ranch, our 8+ acre nature property and resort located in West Milford, NJ, we are proud to offer our revolutionary Puppy Enrichment Program!

Most puppy programs available today consist of owners attempting to teach a group of rowdy puppies some commands in a small room or warehouse once a week for a few weeks leading to average/poor results. We realized quickly we needed to offer a better option for new puppy


Our Puppy Enrichment Program is exclusively tailored to setting up puppies to be well behaved right from the start, before problems begin. Prevention vs. Intervention! As a company who has
helped people overcome unwanted problem behaviors in adults for over a decade, we believe that this program is the best possible way to avoid any major problems in the future.

With this program your puppy will stay with us at our Ranch with a team of Dog Trainers and balanced adult dogs to learn from. We’ve found that this immersive experience for a period of 2 – 4 weeks in puppyhood produces some of the best results of all the programs we have to offer. This is an amazing immersion experience for your puppy in Nature that will teach them how to live a well behaved, balanced, happy life!

Also included, we will educate YOU in Dog Psychology and provide a step-by-step plan for your individual puppy so you know exactly what you need to do to maintain your puppy’s fantastic behavior once you take them home upon completion of the program.

The program never really ends as we provide lifetime support and by completing this program you become eligible to have your puppy be considered for our exclusive Adventure Camp & Luxury Boarding Programs as well.


– Leash Walking
Proper walking at your side on a loose leash

-Crate Training
Ability to relax and be well behaved in a crate or kennel

Learning to go to bathroom outdoors

-Place/Bed Command
Staying on a dog bed or mat on command

-Treadmill Training and/or Bike Riding
Exposure to higher intensity exercise options.We are very careful about the physical development of a puppy and focus on just getting the puppy comfortable with these activities. This option is individual dog dependent.

-Puppy Nipping/Teething
Puppy learns what it can chew/put mouth on…not humans!

-Obedience and Overall Good Manners
Basic obedience commands

-Socialization with Balanced Dogs
Socialization done the right way! There is no better teacher than balanced adult dogs for a
puppy. Your puppy will spend the entire time being socialized around well-behaved adult dog
role models learning how to properly interact with other dogs.

-Positive Interactions & Exposure with People
Your puppy will be staying with professional Dog Trainers and Handlers who are experts in Dog
Psychology. We will expose your puppy to as many positive interactions with people as we
possibly can during their stay with us.

-Weekly Training Session(s) during Puppy’s stay
We feel it’s very important to include the owners in the process and train YOU on exactly what
you need to do with your puppy moving forward while going over any questions you may have.

-60-90 Minute Go-Home Session
During the Go-Home session, we will do a full review of what we accomplished in the program,
work hands-on with your puppy and answer any questions you may have about bringing your
puppy home.

-Follow-Up Session 2 Weeks After Program
We find it very beneficial to do a follow-up session to see how things are going, work on
anything we need to improve and answer any questions that may come up after bringing your
puppy home for a few weeks.


After trying literally every other available training method and option out there, I was recommended to reach out to Pack Leaders. I was skeptical only based off of my previous experiences having tried everything and having nothing work to help my anxious, fearful and defensive dog. In the first meeting with Steve, he assessed my dog, identified and diagnosed the issues immediately and then prescribed a course of treatment to take action. I felt hopeful and began training with Steve to address my dogs core issues. The results started becoming apparent - for the first time ever, because we were working on his core behavioral issues. Steve looks past the superficial, doesn’t give you a band-aid answer to cover anything up. He analyses and examines deeper psychological characteristics and drills down on those core causes to correct root issues and promote lasting changes. Steve brings a treasure trove of knowledge and if you just trust the process and defer to his expertise like I did, you will see the return on your investment and the long lasting enrichment of your dog. I’m looking forward to continuing training and Pack Leaders will also be my go-to for boarding when I need to leave my dog alone for extended periods.
Ron Beshay
Ron Beshay
I cannot begin to say enough wonderful things about Pack Leader Dogs. We have been working with them since our yellow lab Jax was a puppy and he will be 5 this summer. We have utilized all the services they have to offer and have been so happy. We did one on one training sessions with Steve and the puppy training program where we left him with them. Steve was amazing with Jax and worked wonders. He helped him to be properly leash trained and how to walk in a city environment. He helped with discipline, teaching us how to meet his needs, overcome fears and minor behavioral issues, as well as preparing for our newborn to come home. He instilled all these changes in Jax and taught us how to be confident leaders to succeed. We have had several others in the company walk Jax on a daily basis for several years pre covid. Each walker was dependable, reliable, and took amazing care of Jax. Finally we boarded with them on multiple occasions in Hoboken and at the Maddie ranch. When boarding I know Jax is getting the exercise he needs, being safely socialized and is an ideal environment. To put it into perspective we have moved and would rather drive over an hour to board him before trusting another facility that just leaves the dogs unsupervised. Steve and his team are passionate and genuinely care about each dog and family that joins the pack. I highly recommend them for all of the services they have to offer.
Nicole Nagle
Nicole Nagle
Steve has helped us work with our dachshund Oscar and his separation anxiety. We saw improvement in Oscar beginning with our first session. Steve is patient, so authentic and real (which we appreciate), and has given us effective tips and guidance from a dog psychology lens that has strengthened our relationship with Oscar. We’ve noticed the beginning of his transformation from a purely fearful, anxious dog to one that is more curious and outgoing. It’s still a work in progress, but we’re so hopeful and confident that with continuous work with Steve, Oscar will be ready to confidently socialize and enjoy his surroundings, even when alone.
Crystal Ovalles
Crystal Ovalles
Having a new puppy can feel like a full-time job, but when you have a full-time job you need other people you trust to help take care of your dog. That's where Pack Leader Dogs comes in. I have used Dana Beck for training -- she is a dog genius and can understand your specific dog and what she needs right away. And if you're stressed about sending your dog to daycare, I know that my dog is in such good hands when she goes there for daycare; I know that she will be put in good situations with balanced dogs and will benefit from the exposure to such incredible trainers. It's worth every penny.
Kathleen Harris
Kathleen Harris
I can't say enough about Pack Leader Dogs. Have you ever worked with a company where you immediately consider everyone that works there family?? B/c that's how we feel about this team. We initially contacted them last year about our pit bull who had become pretty dog aggressive, including one of the dogs in our own house. In getting between them in a fight one day, I also wound up in the hospital needing about 80 stitches--we didn't know what do to. We had met with another trainer/ "behaviorist" who said he didn't think he could help us. Felt our dog was too confident to be able to be trained to a point where he could live with us and our other dogs. He also didn't think he would get adopted--and actually suggested euthanizing him. I found Pack Leader online that night and they were basically our hail mary. We initially met with Steve for about 30 minutes. He suggested we enroll both of our dogs in his program--the pit and the puppy who was making him crazy, but Steve was cool. He didn't promise anything. Said he thought he could help but needed more than the 30 minutes to really determine if they could help us and gave us the heads up that they might call us in a week or 2 and tell us that they can't help and he would help us decide what was best for the dog--finding a new home etc. Fast forward about 14 weeks and our pit bull came home a new dog--they completely rehabilitated a 7 year old pit with no history (we adopted him after he was abandoned). He went from super anxious--anything could set off his anxiety to this super chill dog. Changed our entire lives. From the training, we now use them for all of our boarding needs. When we used to travel I would always worry about the dogs. When we would pick them up from a boarding place they would be so manic and you could tell they hated it the entire time--when I'd leave them with Wag/ Rover walkers I would worry about someone without experience watching them. When I leave them at Pack Leader?? I know they're better off there than they are with me! They're getting trained, properly socialized, properly exercised. When I go to pick them up they're usually freshly bathed and so happy and so exhausted. If PLD had a regular city operation, we would probably use them almost every single day.
Jillian Worswick
Jillian Worswick
Can’t say enough good things about Steve and the Pack Leader team. Learning about dog psychology has helped us create a more balanced environment for Theo and helped us be better humans for him. The Pack Leader team is always available to answer any questions we may have. We have so much confidence in them we drive an hour each way in order for Theo to board at the Maddie Ranch!
Natalia Feigin
Natalia Feigin
Steve and the team at Pack Leaders are amazing! While we have used many of their services, I wanted to highlight their Training and Psychology camp in particular. I adopted a rescue puppy who had some behavior issues, due to what we think happened to him early in his life. It got to the point where the puppy nipped a dog walker and they refused to walk him anymore. With our mounting concern, we reached out to Pack Leaders and enrolled him in their Training and Psychology Camp. It was a game-changer for us. Not only did Steve and team correct his behavior, they took the time to teach us why it was happening, how we should handle any outbreaks, and trained us to reinforce the great training they provided. Thank you Steve and Team - I don't know what we would have done without you!
Fabiola Miranda Ferra
Fabiola Miranda Ferra
I sincerely wish that I found Steve way sooner than when I did. We have 2 Dachshunds that had separation anxiety, were reactive to strangers and other dogs. It got to a point where I’d get nervous if I saw another dog in the streets or if someone asked me if they could pet my dogs. We took both boys to see Steve and by the end of that first session, we already saw a difference in them. Not only that, but I learned so much more that goes beyond of just owning a dog. Oreo (my younger one) went and spent a week at the Maddie Ranch and to be able to see updates of him starting his 1st walk away from the dogs in the pack in the back to being in between other dogs and looking comfortable by his 2nd walk was one of the most amazing thing ever. It’s still continuous work, but we are now able to walk by other dogs, have another dog in their personal space where they are not barking, lunging, etc. towards them. I’ve already said that with all of our future dogs, we will be taking them to Steve for puppy enrichment. One of the best investment I’ve ever made.
Ollie Queen
Ollie Queen
Steve and the Pack Leader Team are amazing. We have nothing but great things to say about our experiences with them. This review focuses on their Training & Psychology Camp. We adopted a rescue who had some puppy behavior issues, and enrolled him in the Training & Psychology Camp. Not only did we notice a huge improvement, but they took the time to teach us how to better understand our puppy and how to correct his behavior when he acted out. And they taught him a bunch of cool tricks - he can even run on a bike leash with us while we go on bike rides! Thank you Steve & Team!!!
Brett Hanson
Brett Hanson