Dog Walking in Hoboken, NJ

Structured Dog Walking

At Pack Leader Dogs, we proudly offer the highest quality dog walking experience available in Hoboken, NJ.  Every one of our walkers has been personally trained by Head Dog Behavior Expert and Assistant Trainer of Cesar Millan, Steve Del Savio.

We love dogs here just as much as anyone but in our opinion being just a “dog lover” is not enough. All of our walkers are trained to understand dog psychology and proper loose leash walking so that when your dog is out with us they are not only getting fantastic physical and mental exercise but also learning and maintaining excellent leash walking skills.

We believe that mastering the walk is the most important thing your dog can learn and that’s exactly what we focus on so the dog you come home to is a calm, fulfilled and most importantly happy dog!

Positive Behavior Reinforcement

We don’t bring our dogs to dog parks and let them run wild, as we feel that provides short term goals of physically tiring a dog, but long term problems of a dog psychologically being conditioned to live in a very high level of excitement/intensity for a long period of time.

Think about it, would you send a child to only Chuck E. Cheese’s every day and expect them to be calm and well behaved in other areas of life?

Dog parks are a great concept, but often aren’t used efficiently. Rarely are there “dog walkers” who understand the psychology of a dog and how to manage this complex type of social setting.

Intensity levels are usually allowed to run very high, no rules are applied, and the outcome is usually pretty chaotic where bad behaviors are learned instead of positive behavior being reinforced. There’s a reason why veterinarians will tell you that 80% – 90% of dog bites occur in dog parks. Instead, we focus on dogs socializing together by migrating (walking) as a pack in a fun balanced way, how Mother Nature intended.

Crystal Clear Rules

By providing crystal clear rules that your dog can easily understand, your dog can experience a fun-filled, relaxing and enjoyable walk while receiving love and affection from us at the right times!

So often we see “dog walkers” petting and giving affection to over-excited, jumping, pulling or even nipping dogs which only makes those behaviors worse for the owner.  We provide just as much affection (if not more!) but provide it at the right time when your dog is in a calm, balanced and well behaved state of mind which reinforces good behavior and is extremely beneficial to the dog and you as the owner.

60-Minute Walks ($38)

Here our Head Dog Behavior Expert, Steve Del Savio performs one of our daily dog pack walks in Hoboken, NJ with 10 dogs.
Our highly regarded and well known Pack Walk Program has had tremendous results and received rave reviews since adding it to our Structured Dog Walking Program.

Since working with Cesar Millan, our Head Dog Behavior Expert, Steve Del Savio, learned how to properly walk a pack of dogs and how beneficial this type of walk is for the dog.  It focuses on “pack drive” and taps into a dog’s instincts to be part of a pack while exhibiting a balanced state of mind. Steve decided that it was time to bring this innovative type of walk to Hoboken, NJ and the success has been overwhelming.

Don’t be confused with normal group walks that you may see where dogs are pulling, walking in front, barking at other dogs, lunging, getting tangled, zig-zagging, marking and overall practicing bad an unstable behavior.  Dogs on these types of walks are generally in an overexcited state of mind with a complete disconnect with their walker.

The Most Fulfilling Dog Walk Possible

On our walks, your dog will be part of the most fulfilling dog walk possible. By walking a group of dogs in a calm state, your dog will practice not only excellent social skills with other dogs but proper loose leash walking in a heel position without any pulling. The dogs in our Pack Walk program learn how to walk together calmly, stay focused on the walker and not react negatively to distractions. Instead of being walked in an overexcited state or running around with no structure in a dog park, with our Pack Walks your dog will be on fun journey through Hoboken, learning great social behavior and excellent walking skills. Walking calmly with other dogs is a fantastic way for dogs to associate other dogs with calmness instead of high levels of excitement which generally can lead to leash re-activity. Pack Walks range in size from 2-6 dogs depending on scheduling and availability.

Our Pack Walk Program has been tremendously successful with fantastic results. The dog you come home to will be a tired, relaxed and more obedient dog! Space is extremely limited and any dog being added to our Pack Walk Program must be approved to do so. Contact us today and join our awesome Pack!

30-Minute Walks ($26)

We focus on proper leash walking.

Our regular walks put just as much emphasis on proper leash walking as our Pack Walks just for a shorter amount of time. Regular walks are generally done either individually or in smaller packs.

As usual, every walk is based on dog psychology and focuses on loose leash walking, a calm state of mind, not allowing bad behaviors and fulfilling your dog not only physically but mentally as well to assure the dog you come home to is happy, fulfilled, balanced and relaxed!

Puppy Walks ($18)

20 minutes

Get started on the right foot (or paw!)

What better way to start your puppy out on the right foot (or paw!) than being walked by a trained professional. We’ve had so much success with puppies who grow up in our walking program and would love to have your puppy as our next success story.

By teaching puppies to associate other dogs with calmness and respect, we are setting up your dog for a lifetime of enjoyable and calm interactions with other dogs, which will keep your puppy (as well as other dogs) safe for years to come.


For Young Puppies (8 – 12 weeks)

For young puppies 8-12 weeks, puppy walks consist of assisting in housebreaking, leash training, feeding calmly, crate training, correcting any misbehaving, helping adjust to the sights, sounds and smells of city living and teaching overall good manners.

For Puppies (3 – 6 months)

For puppies 3-6 months, puppy walks consist of all the same things listed above, but will include more social interaction with other dogs and more advanced structure.

Love & affection, at the right times.

Instead of just smothering a puppy with love and affection at the wrong times, we teach your puppy that calmness, respect and good behavior are what gets them affection.

By giving affection at the right times, this prevents a puppy from thinking that being pushy, jumping, barking, and over-excitement would result in affection which therefore prevents those behaviors from ever happening!

Get a discount on multiple walks.

Two walks per day are required to qualify for discounted puppy walk rate. Please check out our testimonials page to see how many puppies have been successfully raised in our Structured Dog Walking Program!

What our customers are saying…

“Stephen is a mad genius! I hired him to help out with my Cavalier’s separation anxiety, within 20 mins (no joke) he had already fixed the problem! I would recommend his services to anyone and will continue using him for walks. I already notice a dramatic difference in my dog’s demeanor and confidence just from one session with Steve. Highly recommendable!”

— Sara K. & Ruxin

“I’ve seen a marked improvement in their behavior since working with Steve. He is the best at what he does, and I can’t recommend him enough. Best dog walker in Hoboken.”

— Stephanie G. & Maisey/Bruno

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