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I’ll try to give my best insight into Pack Leader Dogs, Steve, Tamara, and the rest of the staff. I could go on for hours, but I’ll try and hit the most important parts.

A quick background on us: my husband and I have an 8 1/2 month old puppy who (naturally) gets away with a lot because he’s cute. We decided to bring him to Steve at around 4 months old because I admittedly got a little crazy and thought my dog was a nightmare. He had some minor leash pulling issues along with thinking he was the boss of the house. Not happening! Well, Steve helped us out tremendously and I couldn’t be more appreciative.

Our initial consultation with Steve blew my mind. Within two hours, we were given the tools necessary to structure our dog and become true pack leaders. We learned an incredible amount from Steve about dog behavior and how we needed to do a better job as owners by being calm and assertive. However, the most important takeaway from the consultation is that WE WERE STEVE’S ONLY CONSULTATION FOR THE DAY. He is so committed to his job and to the animals he works with that he will not schedule back-to-back consultations because he wants to dedicate his energy solely on you and your animal.

We frequently use Pack Leader Dogs for walking services. Their online booking system is efficient and makes our lives a lot easier. When I mess up (which happens more often than it should), Tamara always comes to the rescue and sets me straight. My puppy LOVES his walker, and she sends me pictures and texts on occasion. I always know he’s in good hands. Steve trains his walkers so that the things we learned during our consultation are carried over throughout. For example, our puppy had an issue with inhaling his food. Our walker knew exactly what to do with him and reinforces the behaviors even when we’re not home.

Final verdict: these are people you will use for WHATEVER your dog needs. We even participated in a pack walk of about 25-30 dogs where we got to interact with one another and see Steve and the walkers. Pack Leader Dogs is basically one-stop shopping with the added bonus that Steve is a genius and very good at what he does.

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