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Dog Psychology-Based Training

Relationship-based Dog Training founded on our unique approach firmly rooted in Dog Psychology!

Is your dog exhibiting behavioral issues that are very challenging to deal with in everyday life?

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to overcome your dog’s behavioral issues to only find yourself frustrated, confused and overwhelmed.

No need to worry! We have helped thousands of people overcome issues such as pulling on leash, jumping, excessive barking, hyperactivity, destroying things, not listening to direction, anxiety, fear, reactivity to dogs, humans or objects, or just overall unruly behavior.

Our unique approach, based on Dog Psychology will help you understand why your individual dog is behaving the way they are. We will teach YOU what you need to change to accomplish the same amazing, lifelong results we have been achieving with our clients for over a decade!

Mami Wakimoto
Mami Wakimoto
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
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We’ve gone through 6 trainers over the years and Steve was going to be our last resort. We signed up for 3 sessions, and within 5 mins of our first meeting, Steve was able to assess Odin and us as owners, and gave us clear and direct feedback... He made the biggest difference, and was the best investment we made in ourselves for Odin. Steve is like a dog psychologist, behavior expert, life coach, and therapist for humans all in one… and he’s funny too!

Are you feeling disappointed and discouraged after investing time and money into dog training programs that have yielded minimal or no results?

It can be overwhelming to pour precious time and hard-earned money into dog training programs, only to be met with minimal or no results, leaving you frustrated and disheartened.

Well, we have good news! Many of our clients have worked with other dog trainers and/or Veterinary Behaviorists with minimal to no results prior to working with us. Our unique approach that focuses on your individual dog, teaching you how to understand your dog, and how to build a better relationship with your dog, all based on Dog Psychology will make us the last stop on your training journey as we have for so many!

Our Dog Training Options

Dog Psychology-Based Training Services

Common Behaviors We Help Owners Overcome

Leash Pulling

Reactivity to Dogs, Humans or Objects

Won’t Listen to Your Direction

Won’t Settle / No “Off Switch”

Anxiety / Separation Anxiety

Fear / Nervousness


Issues with Guests / Deliveries

Destroying Furniture or Objects

Demanding Behavior

Begging for Food or Attention

Overall Unruly Behavior

And Much More!

Dog Behavior Optimization Retreat

Our Unique, Home-Style Version of Board & Train

Introducing our Behavior Optimization Retreat – a unique, home-style take on boarding and training, perfect for dogs who may need a more immersive learning environment to overcome undesirable behaviors. This option is also beneficial for busy owners seeking an effective solution to address problematic behaviors but don’t have the time or resources for proper immersion training.

After more than a decade dedicated to rehabilitating dogs and coaching dog owners, Steve Del Savio (Owner & Founder) determined that the most effective duration for a dog’s stay is a minimum of 4-8 weeks. This timeframe allows ample time to unlearn negative behaviors, establish new positive behaviors, and offers both dogs and their owners the necessary time to comprehensively absorb the information and apply it in the real world with their specific dog.

Customized plan based on you and your dog

No two dogs or humans are the same which is why we will customize a plan based on you, your dog’s specific behavioral issues, their individual characteristics, exercise needs, and your training goals.

Energy is everything in the way a dog sees the world. You and your dog each have a specific energy. Those energies are in a relationship with one another.

Everything we do will be based on your energy and your dog’s energy. The basic laws, principles, tools and techniques of Dog Psychology are applied to all cases, however, HOW we apply them is dependent on your energy and your dog’s energy.

Trust, Respect, and Love:

Making sure your dog is safe and secure during their stay is a top priority for us here at Pack Leader Dogs. We have a full team of trained dog professionals and we are here on site 24/7 to ensure the highest level of safety possible.

Energy is the most important thing there is in the animal world. We make sure that when your dog is in our care, we are ALWAYS working on building trust, respect and love to the fullest with your dog and then showing you how to achieve the same!

Home Environment in Nature

The Maddie Ranch is our retreat location and features a 5000+ square foot home on 8 acres of nature where we practice teaching your dog how to behave in the real world, inside and outside a home, ensuring your dog’s success when coming home after the retreat.

Weekly Training Sessions During the Retreat

We feel it’s very important to include the owners in the process and train YOU in understanding Dog Psychology and your individual dog while going over any questions you may have so you know exactly what you need to do with your dog at any moment.

60-90 Minute Go-Home Session

During the Go-Home session, we will do a full review of what we accomplished in the program, work hands-on with you and your dog and answer any questions you may have about bringing your dog home for it’s new balanced life!

Follow-Up Session 2 Weeks After Program

We find it very beneficial to do a follow-up session to see how things are going, work on anything we need to improve and answer any questions that may come up after bringing your dog home for a few weeks.

You Are Part Of The Process

Here at Pack Leader Dogs, we understand how important it is for YOU to be included in the process of rehabilitating your dog. Dogs learn by associations which is why it is critical for you to be associated with your dog’s rehabilitation.

What does that mean exactly? During your dog’s stay with us, we will do trainings with YOU and your dog WEEKLY, not just a go-home. During these trainings, we will understand why your dog was behaving the way it was, what changes we need to make moving forward, educate you about the Psychology of a Dog, work hands-on in real world scenarios, show you all the tools and techniques you will need and finally give a blue print for success when taking your dog home for its new balanced life with you!

On top of that, we are in communication with you on a daily basis for the duration of your dog’s Behavior Optimization Retreat at the Maddie Ranch.

Transition Period

We’ve found that to ensure the highest success rate possible, we bring your dog 95% of the way through the rehabilitation process and then work with you step by step to complete the last 5%. As you now know, we require private training sessions once a week throughout your dog’s stay with us where you the owner are included in the rehabilitation process finishing with an elaborate go-home session.

We’ve found that this provides owners with a clear understanding of what the dog has learned, is learning, their progress and how to reinforce the dog’s new balanced behavior through consistency and structure. By doing this it lets the dog associate it’s owner with its new structured and balanced lifestyle before heading home.

Once you leave the Maddie Ranch, the Transition Period begins which is usually about 90 days. This is the 5% we are talking about which is you applying everything you and your dog have learned in YOUR home. During this time, you will be learning to overcome the habits of your old relationship with your dog and replacing them with the new and improved habits you and your dog have learned during their stay with us.

We are here to support you throughout this process and will continue to do so after the Transition Period has ended.

Our Lifetime Support Guarantee

Our Behavior Optimization Retreat comes with a support guarantee for the life of the dog. We want our dogs and families to be happy and successful throughout the lifetime of their dog.

That means we’re available to assist you by phone, text or email with advice when needed. If you need to see us again, you can schedule a visit at our location and work on anything you may not have clearly understood or may still be having some issues with. Truthfully, our training works so well that our clients very rarely require support but we are always here to support our clients in achieving their goals with their dog.

Our program is unlike any other program available because we focus on bringing your dog’s state of mind back to balance FIRST through Dog Psychology, then teach your dog obedience through Dog Training and finally include you along the entire process. We consistently provide outstanding REAL-WORLD results time and time again.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Ashley & Ninja
Ashley & Ninja
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
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“I can’t recommend Steve and his team if you’re looking for behavior training, Steve is as good as it gets..”
Ronni Weiner
Ronni Weiner
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
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If you witnessed how it was previously, this is the closest thing to a miracle I’ve ever experienced... For this reason, I have not and will not train my dogs anywhere else.
Jamie & Izzy
Jamie & Izzy
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
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My only regret is not finding Steve sooner… would have made our lives so much easier!

Private Dog Training Sessions

Custom Private Training Sessions Based On Dog Psychology

Discover our Exclusive Private Dog Training Sessions, designed for a personalized, one-on-one interaction with our Professional Dog Trainers – true experts in Dog Behavior Psychology. These sessions are tailor-made to tackle any behavioral challenges you and your dog are facing.

Private Dog Training Options

A single 2-hour training session

2-hour training session, followed by (2) 1-hour follow-up sessions

2-hour session, followed by (4) 1-hour follow-up sessions

What's Included In A Private Training Session

All sessions unfold at the Maddie Ranch, our dedicated private training ranch, fully equipped to ensure the ultimate training experience.

Experience a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of your dog and the relationship between you and your dog. Our experts will discuss the problems you are dealing with in depth, work hands on with you and your dog and come up with a game plan for continued success moving forward.

Get ready to soak up a ton of super helpful Dog Psychology insights that will stick with you for a lifetime. You’ll be able to use these not only with your own dog but with all the dogs you meet along the way! Your custom plan will be based on your dog’s specific behavioral issues, age, energy level and, most importantly, your individual personality and capabilities.

If necessary, in-home training sessions are available only for follow-up sessions and are based on availability. Home training sessions require an additional travel fee for each home session.

The best part, we train YOU how to be an amazing leader for your dog and make sure you know exactly what to do to achieve the amazing relationship with your dog you’ve always dreamed of!

What Our Customers Are Saying


4.9 Stars, 90+ Reviews

Mami Wakimoto
Mami Wakimoto
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
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If you’re reading these reviews, you may be where we were a few months ago, looking for reassurance that you’re making the right decision. Let me tell you, it’s life changing and 100% worth it!
Alexis Pence
Alexis Pence
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
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PLD is hands-down worth the investment! What you don't want to do is end up paying triple because you had to go to five different trainers that PLD could've gotten right the first time.
Ollie Queen
Ollie Queen
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
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I sincerely wish that I found Steve way sooner than when I did...I’ve already said that with all of our future dogs, we will be taking them to Steve... One of the best investment I’ve ever made.

Learn Your Dog's Perspective

Our unique approach to training is based on teaching from a Dog Psychology perspective where we will focus on your dog’s state of mind and not just obedience behaviors that are usually achieved through bribery or harsh punishment, which rarely sustain long-term or reliable results without understanding Dog Psychology.

By understanding a dog’s state of mind and psychology, it gives us the opportunity to tap into the dog’s instinctual side making learning much easier. Using Dog Psychology we will show your dog how to trust and respect you as a leader which will create a calm, happy, obedient and balanced dog.

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