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Ali & Monty


Just over a month ago we dropped Monty off for boarding and training with Pack Leader for 2 weeks. Monty is an energetic, large dog and it was getting to the point where taking him for walks was both strenuous and stressful because of his strong pulling and reactivity to other dogs and pretty much any other stimulus. Steve visited us at our home to observe us with Monty before boarding to get a sense of what we were experiencing, which helped us feel confident that he knew what we were concerned about. He recognized immediately that Monty was an easily excitable dog, not a bad dog!

Before picking Monty up after the 2 weeks were over, we both visited Steve to get some training on how to interact differently with our dog. Steve had trained Monty so well so at this point it was really up to us to adjust our own behavior to support the training. The most exciting moment for us was taking Monty home and the first thing we did was buy a new leash that didn’t have knots for us to brace our holding.

Monty walks beside us now with a loose leash. When we run together I can casually attach the leash around my waist and am confident he won’t pull me after another dog or a squirrel. Most of the time he barely acknowledges other dogs as we walk right by them down the busy streets of Hoboken. We know how to help him be calmer in our apartment too. Our quality of life with Monty has greatly improved. He’s the same great dog and now we can enjoy life with him even more. Pack Leader is responsive with follow-up as well and I know I can reach out to ask a question or get advice.

Thank you to Steve and the Pack Leader Team!

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