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Dina Manzo & G, Little Mama & Cats


Yesterday was LIFE CHANGING for me and my little household! You guys know how much my animals mean to me. The fact that my cats had to be in a separate part of the house from the dogs since my bullies attacked Grandma Wrinkles 2 years ago broke my heart. (Don’t worry that old bitty won the fight) Now look at them just chillin together! Thank you a MILLION TIMES to Steve from Pack Leader Dogs who flew in all the way from Hoboken, NJ (ok maybe he was here working with Cesar Millan and carved out time for me) for making this possible. In under 3 hours my “lunatic” bully G and his new copy cat sister lil mama broke all of their bad habits.

I admit it, it was mostly my bad habits (like most of us) because we “feel bad” to set real boundaries and thought yelling “cut it out!” was the answer. I learned how important it is to be the pack leader and to be mindful of MY energy with them. Doing this immediately took the stress out of chaotic times like when I first come home and they lose it and jump all over me (& guests). When they drag my ass all over Malibu to get belly rubs from the person across the street. Feeding time frenzy, G’s aggressive obsession with tennis balls and when their million bully kisses turns into pulling my ponytail out and suffocating me!

I couldn’t believe the transformation in such a short period of time!! This could be dangerous because now that they are so calm I’m already thinking “what’s one more?” But seriously peeps the method we were taught is simple, not mean or cruel at all and is actually so good for them. Take a look at their page. They rehab so many “aggressive” dogs into obedient lovers. Give Pack Leader Dogs a call and see how they can help you get even more enjoyment out of your fuzzy friends ️ #bestdayever!

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