Frequently Asked Questions

Who will walk my dog?
Every single one of our walkers has been through extensive training with our Head Behaviorist, Steve Del Savio. They are all trained in how to handle every type of dog and how to teach dogs and maintain walking dogs on a loose leash with no pulling. We will assign a walker who’s energy best matches your dog’s energy. For instance if you have an insecure or nervous dog, we will assign a walker with a softer energy. If you have a strong dog with higher energy we will assign a walker with stronger energy. We think compatibility is important when in comes to walking dogs. All of our walkers have been through an extensive interview process, back ground checked and trained in dog psychology to assure that your dog is in great hands!
What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credits, check and cash for walking & boarding, & checks for training. We also accept payment for boarding and training via PayPal.
Is your company insured and bonded?
This is a really important one. We are a fully insured and bonded company. Make sure to ask any potential walkers or companies if they are fully insured and bonded and even ask for paper work to verify. Being in the dog business we know that many companies are working without insurance and bonding. We’ve also heard of many incidents where the dog, the walker and the owner were not covered leading to lawsuits and major expenses. Please do your homework and always make sure the company or walker you use has sufficient insurance and bonding.
Is there a guarantee on training?
Once you hire Pack Leader Dogs, you become part of our Pack. We will do everything we possibly can to help you achieve a well balanced dog and a successful training experience. The process of dog training and rehabilitation takes teamwork. We will be there to support you before, during and after your dog training with us. Success in achieving a balanced dog depends on many variables such as commitment, dedication, consistency, follow through and patience. It would be unprofessional for us to offer a 100% guarantee because of these variables. However, we have yet to come across a dog that could not drastically change for the better. We are consistently seeing positive changes, dramatic transformations and fantastic results on a daily basis. Your success is what’s most important to us. Please check our Testimonials page to see many of our satisfied clients!
What makes your dog walking program different from others?
Every one of our dog walkers has been personally trained by our Head Behaviorist, Steve Del Savio. We believe that if you are using your hard earned money to have your dog walked, it should be done by a professional who is knowledgeable in dog psychology and gives your dog a mentally and physically fulfilling walk by providing leadership, structure and fun! Being just a “dog lover” isn’t enough for us. Most dog walking companies either just transport dogs to a dog park where they often allow them to practice bad behaviors or take the dogs on a walk with no structure which has absolutely no benefit to the dog or owner aside from going to the bathroom. We consistently see pulling, lunging, barking and whining not to mention dogs barely being walked at all. We’ve engineered our dog walking program based on dog psychology and the results speak for themselves. Our clients are shocked at how tired their dogs are after our walks. By challenging them mentally and physically, each walk is a fun training experience in it’s own. Contact us and become part of our ever growing pack of balanced dogs!
We've tried other trainers before with little results, what makes your program more effective?
Unfortunately, a large percentage of our clients have been through multiple trainers. The good news is we’re the last Dog Training Program you will ever use. We’ve found that many trainers are focusing on just managing behavioral issues and finding ways to just mask these problems. Unlike many other trainers who focus on using bribery with treats, avoiding problem situations, or just managing a problem, our unique program has been developed using dog psychology to change a dog’s state of mind. By understanding your dog’s state of mind we can tap into the root causes of what is causing the behavioral problems. Once we understand where your dog is coming from, we can then address that unbalanced state of mind. By also assessing your energy as an owner we will teach you how to become a leader and effectively communicate with your dog to achieve the calm, balanced and happy dog that you’ve always dreamed of.
Do you work with all breeds, ages, sized and temperaments?
Our motto is any dog, any breed, any size, any age, any problem! We have extensive experience working with all types of breeds with the most minor of behavioral issues to the most severe. Whether it’s a puppy, adolescent, adult or senior dog, we have training programs for all ages.